“PrecinctMaps.com was founded with the idea of analyzing the Illinois 2010 redistricting process by using election data, precinct by precinct… Building a state-wide database from the ground up.”

-Drew Veeneman, political consultant

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First Map printed, covering the 54th Illinois House District

PrecinctMaps.com is a website dedicated to political maps in Illinois. It is currently under construction, starting in the Chicagoland area. Ultimately, maps will cover voter districts state-wide, all the way down to individual precincts with important election statistics.

In many parts of Illinois, good precinct maps are not easy to find. Often, they are only available at the county clerks office. Sometimes they are posted online, but that’s the exception for most of Illinois’s 102 counties. Usually they must be ordered, and cost money. It’s a unnecessary hassle.

Now there’s a better way. Maps here PrecinctMaps.com are free for your reference… and better. We make quality maps designed for people who care about elections. These are the maps you want to hang in your campaign headquarters as you prepare for the next election cycle. Our maps will help you run for re-election after the 2010 remap, or learn the partisan make-up of a brand new district.

PrecinctMaps.com is closely following the Illinois redistricting process based on the 2010 US Census. Using election data and modern GIS software, we’ll analyze the remap’s effect on future elections. Who will the winners and losers be… and by how much? Find here out at PrecinctMaps.com.