Back in the Saddle for 2013 – Gearing up to go State-wide

After taking some much needed vacation time following the April 9th election, I’m back to work here on The next election isn’t till March 2014, so I’ve got some time on my hands.

Roughly a week ago I carefully combed through the website to fix all the broken links. A lot changed since I launched this website in 2011… the redistricting activity brought many new precinct maps from various election authorities. With that basic maintenance out of the way, the next objective is content expansion. More specifically, I’ve been preparing to take this website state-wide.

2006 Algonquin Township Precinct Map

Algonquin Township was recently scanned and posted online.

Getting precinct maps online covering all Illinois’s 102 counties is a daunting task. To speed up the process of state-wide map coverage, I will temporarily focus on maps with basic precinct boundaries. Maps with election statistics will be put aside temporarily till the basic maps are done state-wide. McHenry County maps recently posted are a good example of this minimalistic approach.

If I can get a good map from a local election authority, I’ll link or post that online here. Paper maps will be scanned. Where no precinct maps currently exist, I’ll do the research to draw them in GIS myself.

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