Draft Illinois House Map! | Update 3x

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This was posted on the Illinois Democratic Caucus website around 10 am… then taken down. I don’t know how official it is… but it’s definitely a draft.

- Update 1x – Made PDF Maps

Here are some simple tabloid size pdf maps I’ve out together with County and township outlines:

- Update 2x | 4:50 pm-

Google map window above adjusted to reflect officially released map by the House Deomocratic Caucus… it had a different file name, I’m not sure how much it varies.

- Update 3x | Official pdf maps from the Illinois General Assembly -

These are some nicer official pdfs that show proposed House and senate districts:


  1. Rick Hall says:

    Why are we concerned about the redistricting when the crisis of budget is at hand. We should be trying to take care of the disability fraud and the mismanagment of funds in our system. I have a family member who is doing everything he can to make cash money and yet draws disability when he is no more disabled than I am. Where can we go to get these problems solved. People out in the world around us conducting businesses with employees that are being paid cash and not paying into the system and forcing many of us out of business. Thousands of dollar are being lost by those cheating you and me out of taxes.

  2. Drew Veeneman says:

    … Good point Rick. I think we’re all self-interested political hacks to some degree here.

    There are plenty of websites dedicated to issues and all the other elements of political noise. Here we just care about elections and voting districts.

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