Illinois Senate Draft Map Released! | Update 2x

Draft Illinois Senate Districts

Draft Illinois Senate Districts

Fresh from the Democratic Caucus website. PDF links for Chicago, collar counties, and downstate are below.

Chicago Senate Districts
Suburban Senate Districts
Downstate Senate Districts

*Update 1x: Republican Senate Districts Consolidated… ouch!

- Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno is now in the same district with her Republican colleague, Senator Ron Sandack in the 41st Senate District.

- Republican Sen. Tim Bivins and Christine Johnson are also bunch together in the 45th

- Republican Sen. Kyle McCater and Dave Luechtefeld are now both in the 54th districts

*Update 2x: More Republican on Republican Action… yaow!

- State Senator John Millner of Carol Stream and Tom Johnson from West Chicago are also in the 21st district according to the Daily Herald


  1. Mike Foote says:

    Thanks Drew. Still woldn’t hurt to contact Steve, just in case.
    Who else would run there?

  2. Mike Foote says:

    Hi Drew
    Not sure I understand everything but have a couple of questions.
    Sen. Lauzen’s district seems to be about the same. Are their specific boundries available?
    I didn’t see D50 (Hatcher) on the map but I could have the wrong District number.
    District 33 is a new district. Think maybe we could draft Sen. Rauschenberger?
    Is D33 any part of Nolands district old or new?

    Thanks. You are doing a great job.

  3. Drew Veeneman says:

    Mike, I think there’s a google map of the senate districts at the Chicago Tribune website…
    Check here:

    Hatcher… Her district probably got pushed around… you’d want to start by looking up her official candidate address.

    SD 33 is new… I don’t forsee Steve coming out for another State Senate run though. I’m sure he’s already endured enough abuse. I’m sure there will be plenty of candidates there.

    Noland’s district is seems about the same… except it looks like the senator gerrymandered Allen Skillicorn out of it in East Dundee. lol, funny


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